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Gravel Routes

If anyone has good gravel routes from the Culloden area (about 2 hours timewise), could you share links from Strava/Komoot please?

I’ll have a check

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I have a few! All variations on a theme… Forgive me if you’ve already done some of these. All starting from Culloden Battlefield, our “usual” meet point for club gravel rides if we’re out that way.


This one was run as a club gravel ride, one of my favourites. The section from Craggie up through Clava woods is brilliant, tough climb but so worth it for the views and the fast, flowing run back down, pretty gradual descent so not too technical.


Another couple of club gravel routes:


And one other similar to the above, slightly longer, this one I haven’t done in its entirety so not 100% sure on some sections:


As usual with gravel routes/forest tracks, they do change over time so can’t guarantee surface quality at present time (certainly at this time of year too) but all were rideable previously.


Have fun!


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Thank you for those.  That’ll give me a few options and hopefully help me find my cycling legs again in the process

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