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Club Kit April 2024

The Club Shop is now open until 12 April 2024 with an estimated delivery date on or around 27 May 2024.

To order your kit please click on the link below and select and pay for what you want. The kit will then be delivered to me and I will update this forum and an email will be sent out to tell folk that it is here. You can then contact me to arrange collection.

If you have not bought club kit before please study the sizing charts and if possible try one of the club members kit who is a similar build to you. Please note that as this is custom kit there is a non return policy if you purchase the wrong sizes.

If you are not a club member and cannot easily collect you kit in Inverness please contact me BEFORE you make a purchase to discuss any possibility of having kit sent to you

To place you order click on this link and enter the password “inverness” (all lower case)

Please get in touch if you have any questions


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